Friday, April 15, 2011

Packing for New Jersey. I think he's trying to tell me something... lol

News and Slips!

This week has been madness! Between work, commissions, and my crafting obligations, I've been pulling late nights. I finished up and mailed out my Craft My Wists Swap package today. My partner Snazzle is going to be so happy! One of her crafted items I couldn't help but make for myself! A pair of super awesome, super comfy, crocheted slip ons! I love them! I haven't taken them off! Want to make yourself a pair? Free pattern on Ravelry!

I really cut my Wists swap close! Packages are set to mail out today the 15th and I just happened to book myself a flight for tomorrow the 16th! Phew! At least they were 1 day apart. My mom and I will be going to visit family in NJ. We're flying into Philadelphia and we're also going to see NYC! I am super excited! Being from FL, I can't wait to get out of this heat! Time to start packing! (and figuring out what yarns and projects I want to accompany me) My plane leaves early tomorrow morning. ;)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Vera Bradley Fall 2011

Vera Bradley Fall 2011

New Vera Colors for Fall 2011! I know, I like to spoil the surprises. :P I think this is the most successful collection so far this year. I must say I haven't been super excited to go look at the new patterns with the new releases. But, I'm really looking forward to seeing these in person.

I couldn't find any images of the Safari Sunset lining leaked. But thats ok, I found the other ones :)

*I am not affiliated with Vera Bradley in any way, I am simply a fan*

Sweet Jellyfish before packed off to their new homes. I hope you all have a fantastic Monday!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Received! OTT HP Swap!

I received my package from Rose yesterday! Firstly, I received a letter from a local animal shelter saying that they found a wounded owl who was oddly carrying a package addressed to me. She said the owl is in good care and hopes that the box finds me. Also how surprised she was that an owl would be delivering a package. Hah! Muggles...

A mysterious trunk? I'm intrigued. . .

Oh Luna! What have you done now!? A letter from Xenophilius Lovegood stated that poor Luna had shrunk herself. He needed me to watch over her until he can find a way to reverse the spell.

My Partner put so much creativity into my swap package. Even though I had a hard time with the size restrictions for this swap I really enjoyed crafting for it. And! The gallery is looking amazing!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Fabrics Oh My!

Elise completely got me tuned into designer fabrics. This weekend we went to a local specialty fabrics shop and I picked up these lovely Amy Butler prints! I never thought I'd jump onto this wagon, but I really love them. Especially the last 2.

I already begun putting them to good use! :D 2nd pouch ahoy! I really like the gathered fabric look, although I'm not sure this fabric was best for that. There must be a more efficent way to make these pouches. I'm not a fan of sloppy lining and with the sewing method these pouches use, I always get my lining sloppy. Time to start pattern drafting and making myself a super awesome hybrid! :D

I now have a nice place to store all my Amigurumi materials! :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Clutch Happy!

Elise came across this wonderful tutorial for a gathered pouch. After seeing hers in person I was inspired to make one myself! I knew exactly what I needed it for!

As you can see, my crochet hooks are being toted around in a falling apart zip lock bag. Not anymore!

Viola! Completed pouch! Fabric is called Jewel Stripe from the Alexander Henry Fabrics Collection on Fabric Worm. I really, really like it! Its so cheerful and fun. And when matched with the pink stripe accent it's just perfect. I'm happy to have gotten back to sewing again, I really haven't in a while. Seriously, Brand New Viking machine sat in it's box for 4 months. For Shame Tori! For Shame. It's finally getting some good use and it's fabulous! Now onto some Action Shots!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

OTT HP Swap!

It's narrowing down the time for everyone to find out what their partners have concocted in the One Tiny Thing Harry Potter Swap over on Craftster. Since my partner received yesterday, I wanted to share my newest Amigurumi.

A tiny Hedgwig! :D She sits 2.5" high and is super photogenic! I'm really pleased with how well she turned out. I'm so glad my partner likes her. I will be receiving my swap package from her on Monday!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Etsy Seller FunkyChickenDesign decorates these super cute and creative switch plate covers, coasters, and clothes pins. All you need is some scrap-booking paper, x-acto knife, mod podge, and a blank cover! These look like a fast and fun weekend project! Mod Podge certainly does rock! :)


I hope you all had a fool-free April Fools day.