Thursday, July 21, 2011

Costuming Progress!

I wanted to share with you some costuming updates I've made :) If you didn't guess before, I am cosplaying Haruko from FLCL. The pink haired girl pictured above. Since I'm entering AFO's costume contest for research I had to enter with an anime costume. Haruko won since 1. She's awesome, and 2. I already had a decent wig.

So far it's been challenging. Mostly, trying to find winter wear in the middle of summer has not been pleasant. I've had a nightmare of a time finding gloves and boots. I am determined not to wear gogo boots! I searched and searched and bought a pair that were damn near perfect! I had them expedited from China only when they arrived, they didn't fit :( The tall cylinder was way to small for my calves. So it's been back to square one. I came across this site that has tons of links on how to make your own boots! This will certainly be a challenge. Firstly I have no idea what materials to use! Otherwise, I did find this pair on ebay. They aren't costume accurate, but they could do the job.

Since I didn't have my fabric yet, I decided to tackle some of her accessories. One being this fancy shackle of hers. Mine is made of 100% craftfoam. Heated to get the shape then hot glued the ends together. I used a thicker craft foam for the base than I did for the strips so it's really solid. I painted my craft foam with Mod Podge to prep for spray paint and it worked really well. I used a glue called Beacons 3-1 craft glue to assemble it together. It soaked through the foam and gave me a horrid texture on my once smoothly spray painted surface. UGH! Oh well, I keep telling myself, "It won't show up in photos, it won't show up in photos!" lol

I have 2.5 weeks till AFO. More updates to come :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Owl Swap!

I've got so many swaps to share! My most recent swap was an owl themed swap over on Craftster. Here are the goodies I made for my partner Cassey! Her favorite colors are teals and greens so I went with those dominant colors. I'm really happy with how everything turned out :)

I received my swap package in the mail this past weekend. Here are the wonderful items Cassey made for me. Firstly, a really nice 8-bit owl tissue cover. It's super cute :3

Next she sent me some owl trinkets. The black one is hand carved and painted!

Some deliciously cute owl art based on my wists! I love it! The color scheme is right up my alley. :D

Lastly, she sent me some Star Wars Extras!!

These incredible pendants are also hand carved and painted! Holey Moley Cassey! Your craftsmanship is incredible!! I can't wait to wear one of these with my Jedi Barbie Costume! XD Cassey also sells more Geek-chic charms and necklaces over on her Etsy! Check them out here!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Holy Updates Batman!

It's been a few months since I've updated. I have not abandoned you blog! So many things have happened and I've been super busy!

Firstly, PariahCon 2011! It took place June 11-12 in Lakeland, FL and was super fun! It was our first year and I'd say we had an overall success! My Miss Pokemon Universe Event went very well also. We have 13 entries and it was a blast! :D

Lucario (contestant wearing blue on the right) was crowned Miss Pokemon Universe and we also gave out 4 other shashes for best costume, best personality, judges choice, and MC's choice. Overall wonderful turn out for year one! :) I'm really looking forward to next year's Miss Pokemon Universe. I have also taken over the Costume Contest Event for next year. Yep, that's right! I'll be running this puppy! So I've been hitting the con-circuit watching the costuming events and doing my research!

10 & Rose

A week later I attended MetroCon in Tampa, FL. I must say it completely killed my convention high from Pariah. :\ I've realized that while Metro is big, Metro was kinda lame. Maybe it's just not my kind of convention. And that's right. I put myself together a quick Rose Tyler costume. It was fun to walk around in. I wasn't to recognizable, but the people who did know my character really appreciated that I made a good Rose. :)

Never fear! I've gotten back into my convention groove! I have started planning my costumes for AFO and Dragon*Con! I'm not much for anime, but I do plan on entering AFO's costume contest. So to do that I needed to make an anime costume. After much debate (since I dont watch much anime) I have chosen and started collecting! Here's a sneak peek! Can you guess who I'm working on :) Stay tuned for more costuming and crafty updates!