Monday, March 28, 2011

Back from MegaCon!

I've been super busy this past week! Commissions and Crafting, along with prepping for MegaCon. It's been a very very busy week!

Mega was a bit disappointing. Usually I find something super amazing that I just have to have but not the case this year. Last year I bought this AMAZING 5' vinyl display piece from Greg Horn. This year I was hoping to get some sketchbooks from J-Scott Campbell but he was so busy and exhausted that he took off early. :(

Anyway! I completed my Rocket Costume! Due to unforeseen circumstances I ended up waiting until the night before to finish it. I have to say, use an applique. I would have been so much better off if I'd of done that first. I tried fabric paint, fabric spray paint, regular spray paint, but nothing works on black cotton. Lesson learned.

Also! I met the most AMAZING Rapunzel cosplayer! Her dress is so detailed! She is exactly what I would expect a cast member at Disney to look like. And did I mention her hair! OMG Perfect! She even was accompanied by Flynn Rider. How suiting since Tangled comes out Tomorrow!! :D :D :D

Oh yeah! And I did finally receive my RavenClaw scarf back in the mail! :)

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Kat Shenton said...

Love your Rocket Cozie. And sorry to hear that this year was not as good as previous. However, I think it was worth it just to see the young woman in that Rapunzel costume. I have to agree, the hair is outstanding.