Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Madness!

My boyfriend and I went to see Rango! Nickelodeon has definitely stepped up their game since that awful movie Barnyard that came out a while back. This movie's animation was impeccable! But thats not surprising since it was done by ILM, the holy mother of all animation studios. If your a fan of westerns you'll enjoy Rango. We were amazed at how adult this film was. It had a lot of dark undertones in it. I would not recommend bringing a small child to see this movie.

I also went a very purple wedding and later met up with some of the PariahCon directors for a small get together. Overall, a very eventful weekend.

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Kat Shenton said...

A very purple wedding? Sounds interesting.

I too liked the film, and that's saying something because I hate westerns ;)