Monday, March 14, 2011

Daylight Savings!

Since daylight savings happened yesterday, check out this amazing clock from decoylab on Etsy! I purchased one last week and it is absolutely stunning.

I've had such a busy busy week! Firstly, my job changed hours. So I get to come in earlier and leave later. It pretty much destroyed my morning me-time for photo taking, hence why I haven't posted much these past 2 weeks. I really have to reconfigure my schedule. On top of that, Day Light Savings time completely threw me off track, as for most of us I'm sure.

I spent the day at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure yesterday. I must say it was much more hot than I expected it to be especially since Florida has been so nice and breezy this past week.

I finally purchased myself the Ravenclaw house scarf! I've been after this baby for a while, but everytime I got Filche's Shop it is out of stock! Well, once I come home I then realize it still has it's anti-theft mechanism on it. It would be alright if not for the fact it can explode ink. So now FedEx is scheduled to pick it up, return it to be untagged, then re-delivered to me. Sigh. The ETA on re-delivery has yet to be determined. :(

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