Monday, August 15, 2011

Hair Salon Woes

This was an interesting weekend for me. It was time to have my hair redyed because I let my roots grow out WAY TO MUCH. I asked for a dark natural blonde much like this. Well, due the natural growth my hair had the ash blonde dye just didn't come out right. My roots were significantly lighter than the rest of my hair and I just didn't feel comfortable to keep it that way.

I went back for a toner and I guess Ulta's idea of a toner is semi-permanent dye. Which is not right at all. A toner tints your hair and is only left on for 10 minutes tops. A semi-permanent dye is well...a new hair color. I should never have switched salons...that's what I get for trying new things...I end up a brunette. :\ I really, really do miss my blonde hair. *sigh* At least the color doesn't look bad...its just gonna take some getting used to.

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