Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Beauty Department


I've been pretty active on Pinterest this past week and from there I stumbled upon which is a beauty blog run by a few gals including Lauren Conrad. Now, I've never been a fan of The Hills and could care less about her public appearances or drama. But I have to say the tips left by her and her crew have given me new light. Thank you Lauren Conrad, Kristin Ess and Amy Nadine. Reading your blog has led me to have amazingly beautiful and voluminous hair. I would spend hours trying to get my lifeless fine hair to do something other than lay flat. Now I have amazing hair in 10 minutes.

Their blog not only features step by step photo tutorials, but also some video ones as well.

This tutorial I felt was very insightful. For someone that knows zilch about hair care and styling products...I feel so dumb to have never considered using a large barreled curling iron on my hair. I had curling irons growing up, but they were small and used only on special occasion for curly ringlets. Welcome to the 21st century Tori! I guess things that are out of sight really are out of mind. Either way, I will have fabulous hair from this moment on!

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Elise said...

This site is full of so many tips. Thanks for the link:)