Friday, September 16, 2011

Dragon*Con Part 2

Dragon*Con Day 2 was full of Ponies and Photoshoots! I was really happy to be apart of this My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic group. We seriously rocked it! Special thanks goes out to Apple Jack who made everypony's costume except mine. That's some serious pony commitment. Everyone's costume was so true to their pony and this group was so fun to be apart of. And thank's to Lionel and Eurobeat King for the photos! They came out beautifully!

I'm really happy with how my Twilight Sparkle turned out. I kept a good balance between my original concept and what I could complete in time. I think the school girl look ended up being perfect. The cutie mark on her tie was a fab touch if I do say so myself. And I love how you can see my violet contacts in my solo shots :)

The icing on the cake HAS to be my Elements of Harmony book. I got so many complements on it. This is by far the most useful prop I own to date. It doubles as a purse and held all my things. I started off by hollowing out an old math book (HAH! Take that Math!) but then I found this perfectly sized decorative book box at Micheals. Gave it a couple coats of blue spray paint, and then had the Elements of Harmony printed onto a sticker to cover the book. The inside is lined with felt to protect my phone from dings. And it's held closed with 2 magnets in each corner. Voila! Perfect Pony Prop.

So who's ready for season 2 to start on Hub tomorrow night!!?! *this pony* I am so stoked! And the promo image for Twilight (above) makes her look like a bad ass. Haha...she just got 20% cooler. ;)

On top of my pony shoot (which was most of my day Saturday) I did attend the Georgia Aquarium which was AMAZING! Take a look at the particular hallway above. It has WHALE SHARKS and MANTA RAYS larger than you! It was amazing. I highly recommend going. I wore my Dalek ears and pink wig to the Aquarium and it was soo worth it! You see, I LOVE whales and I was really happy about seeing the Belugas. Well, they were off being unsocial until I turned my headband on. And right over they swam to investigate. It was an extraordinary moment for me. The same happened with the aquarium's new dolphin habitat. The dolphins were away from us until I turned on my headband. One of them swam right up to me. We were face to face. I can surely say the Georgia Aquarium changed my life. Haha. There is really no feeling like it. So moral of the story kids! Bring something light up and interesting to the aquarium! lol

More Dragon*Con Adventures in Part 3! Stay Tuned!

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Sarah said...

Hi! I was wondering if you could tell me how you did the hair/ears/horn - my almost 6 year old loves Twilight Sparkle and wants to be her for Halloween.

Thanks :)