Monday, September 26, 2011

Disney Store Designer Dolls

If your a big fan of the disney princesses then you're probably already aware of the newest Disney Store Craze. These Designer Princess Dolls. They've been releasing 1 every Monday since last month. The store's get a very limited number of them and if you happen to get one congrats. I found out about these last weekend. I am in no way a doll collector...but Ariel is the main one I feel the need to have. Just look at her! She's stunning! And would have a happy place on my desk.

Because of demand and the accidental overselling of these dolls, the Disney store has decided to release all the remaining dolls (Pocahontas, Jasmine, Rapunzel, and Aurora) on October 17, 2011. They sell for $60 retail which is a significant difference than the $400 something Ariel is currently going for on eBay. *sigh* A friend of mine happened to get one when they were at the Disney store. *sooo jealous* Check out this Flickr photo stream if you want to see all the dolls.

I know where I'll be the morning of the 17th. Claiming myself a Rapunzel and probably an Aurora for my mom. *fingers crossed* I have a feeling someone might get violent to acquire one of these dream dolls.

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