Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Luna Lovegood's Jewelry.

I crafted Luna Lovegood's jewelry for my costume durring this past Halloween. They were a pain in the butt, but came out marvelously! Did you know the actress who plays Luna constructed her pair herself! I knew there was a way I could make my own pair, I just had to figure it out. And so, I want to share some of my WIP photos and explain a little how I accomplished those complicated Dirigible Plums.


It was important to me that I had round earrings. So, I started by winding a small piece of red yarn to use as my base and I secured it with some fabric glue. I then took a needle and strung the bead wire though the center. You will have 2 wire ends. One you will string beads, the other is used to connect to the actual earring. So leave enough to work with. Next, I started winding the clear beads from the bottom. This is actually the most difficult part. Getting your wire to wind in such a small circle. I used fabric glue to adhere the beads to the yarn. It's the only way to get them to stay. It actually works really, really well. Once at the top I wound the beads as closely as I could. I cut my wire and try to tuck it into my yarn base, and secure it with glue. Now you have only 1 wire end left.

I used a different type of wire for the leaves. One that will hold when bent. I then constructed the leaves, they have a small loop at the top center. I looped them onto the remaining wire. I didn't really follow any particular pattern, they just needed to resemble leaves. I shaped the wire to my liking. I added a few beads to my wire and then looped the wire around the earring. I used a small closing bead (the ones you can crush with pliers) to secure it, then tucked the remaining wire into those last few beads.

I hope this is a bit insightful. If you're wanting to tackle this project yourself, feel free to message me with any questions. I'd be happy to help!

It was also important that I got her necklace as accurate as I possibly could. I think I did a pretty fine job. I've been selling Luna necklaces in my Etsy shop. Keep checking, I'll be relisting them soon.


Mustard said...

how did you make the yarn base? is it solid ? can you pleas email me at with more instructions please ant thank you oh and i love them!!!

PosiTori said...

Sorry for seeing this so late. For the yarn base I just wound up yarn as if to start a ball and then I added fabric glue all over the outside of it to keep it from unraveling. While the glue is still sticky I then wound another strand of yarn around that to make it look nice. That's the result you see in the photo. I hope this helps!