Friday, January 7, 2011

Owl Swap on Swap-Bot

For an Owl swap over on I made everything but the magnets! Owl is crocheted and the Cowboy Bebop cards were digitally illustrated by me and then printed. These were sent to Australia and the receiver was very thrilled.

My friend Elise and I joined swap-bot with the upmost excitement. But we've both come to find that we put WAY more effort into our swaps sent out than the ones we've received. I received my owl-swap in the mail only to find that it had been delivered completely opened and most of its contents were lost. I cannot believe the mail carrier delivered an opened package. I blame my partner for re-using an already re-used bubble mailer and not securing it properly. What do I do in a situation like this? Leave her bad feedback? I notified her of what happened, but I'm not sure she'll send again. I've also had a few partners not leave any feedback or answer any PMs. Elise had a woman who was using an alias with an undeliverable address. For you craft swappers out there, the way swap-bot works is, the partner you send to is not the partner you receive from. This makes things a bit less personal. They say to have a well filled out profile, but your partner doesn't actually have to look at it and thus you get sent items you'll never use or even like. So I'm a bit turned off from swap-bot at the moment. I found its a bit of an older crowd anyway. I'll be sticking to my geek themed swaps over on craftster. Forum systems and themed swaps are good. Everyone ends up happy. :)

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